May 3, 2013


BIKINI Because I lost two pairs of bikini last summer I have to buy a new one. Patterns have always been in and recently mainly the patterns with nature, palm trees and sea. White colour is simply beautiful and neat and that's why I like it so much.

MIRRORED SUNGLASSES I think I need something special that is looking great and that even if I wear an ordinary outfit, I will look good anyway. Mirrored sunglasses meet the conditions!

SHORTS A good fitted ripped shorts are necessary in your wardrobe and everybody should have at least one piece.

STRIPED T-SHIRT Why is a striped t-shirt such a popular piece of clothes? The answer is that it's trendy, comfy and it looks always and with almost everything great. But we all know it, right? 

URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE I think this palette is the most beautiful one I ever seen and that's the reason, why I want to try it out so badly!

CAP A simple piece, but still really attractive and with elegant outfits the best way, how to make them more casual and interesting. 

BLACK SKINNY A must-have! I have been looking for the perfect skinny jeans since 2 years already, but I still didn't find them. What a pity that we don't have Topshop in Vienna!

And what are your summer wishes?

Juli ♥


  1. need those sunglasses and Naked palette!:) great tips!

  2. Skvelý! Po nejakých plavkách by som sa už aj ja mala poobzerať!

  3. I’d take the shorts and the cap right away!!


  4. I love ripped denim shorts and stripes ! So cool for spring !
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  5. I've had my eye on the Naked palette by Urban Decay. But I can't still decide whether I want Naked or Naked2. Any tips, pros and cons?

  6. so pretty love all these things!

  7. Love the bikini and sunglasses!

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  8. Super wishlist! Nechceš se vzájemně sledovat? Byla bych moc ráda!:)

    Vik Ladyla

  9. lovely wishlist

    xx m


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