October 3, 2013


1 The view from our hotel room in New York
2 A new pair of converse!
3 Outfit details
4 Downtown Manhattan from a boat
5 Breakfast/ Brooklyn Bridge/ Selfie/ shrimps for lunch
6 At Victoria's Secret

1 Victoria's Secret new purchases
2 Central park
3 Writing postcards to my loved ones
4 Flight from New York to Miami
5 New M.A.C blush with my favourite RayBan sunnies
6 Big sandwich with avocado and homemade chips

1 Palm trees in Miami
2 Miami beach in the evening
3 Starbucks iced latte while sunbathing on the beach
4 Miami beach/ on a bike/ promenade along the beach/ another palm trees
5 Me at the Pier 17 in NYC
6 Favourite converse

1 I love this picture form Miami beach
2 Outfit details with Zara patterned pants and Michael Kors watch
3 Trip to Everglades
4 One of my favourite breakfasts, white yoghurt with müsli and some fruits
5 After a golf tournament, but it was actually not so funny :D
6 Cherries, watermelone and nectarine


  1. Amazing pictures!


  2. Beautiful photos. Love all the fruits and the view. New York New York. Thanks for posting and feel free to drop by me too anytime.

  3. Love the food shots and travel pics, so cool. I just followed you btw, just had to! Also, I just posted my PROVOKING IN PARIS post documenting my experience at Paris Fashion Week at such shows like Acne, Chanel, Viktor & Rolf, and Jean Paul Gaultier with pics I snapped personally! Do tell me what you think and hope you're wonderfully and Parisian-ly provoked!

    xx The Provoker


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